Escape room in the theme of 1989 revolution.

During a demonstration for freedom in November 1989, you were with your friends captured by the Police. Although this demonstration led to revolution and brought many positive changes for Czechs and Slovaks, your situation gets serious.
You have 60 minutes to find a way out of the car and experience important moments of Czech history.

2-5 persons

The game is designed for experienced players as well as beginners from 10 to 89 years of age. When the game is played in teams of 5, the comfort may be slightly reduced.

60 minutes

You have one hour full of fun, adventure, unusual puzzles and authentic objects.

1290 CZK

It is possible to apply a student price of 900 if one member of the group is a student. Discounts can not be combined with other discounts. You can register for the date and pay in the calendar below.


The game is truly for each and every one!

Friends, families and couples

The escape game is a great way of enjoying time together. Each excels in something and you won’t use logical thinking only.


The game is ideal for tourists who like to learn about the history and experience the end of Communism in Czechoslovakia in an adventurous way. The game is in both Czech and English versions, but actually 90 % of the game is language-neutral, so if one member speaks English, that is enough and all of you can enjoy the game.


The game isn’t just about the padlocks. It can excite those who sometimes think that nothing can surprise them. What is more, it’s like a “museum” you have just for yourself for the entire hour.


The game is a great training of team cooperation and is entertaining at the same time. If you are looking for a good place for a teambuilding, we are ready to give you an individual offer.


Does your team have what it takes?

Červenec 2024
Po Út St Čt So Ne


It is a game where you have 60 minutes for leaving the room you are locked in….

You have to solve various puzzles and tasks that are logical, technical and creative and in our game also historically relevant. You don’t need any previous knowledge or skills, just your fantasy and open mind. Your reward is that you liberate yourself and have great time together with your friends.

During the game you can ask for help, so that you don’t get stuck.

No way, the game is heated.

You can park in the A+R parking lot for the price of one hour, even if your stay takes a bit longer JWhile entering the parking lot you need to check in at the entrance.

There is Wi-Fi, toilet and old Czech comic books for you.

“Cool escape room in an unusual place”

Kryštof (Facebook)

“We played in 5 people and we had a great fun time, I recommend this to everyone.”

David (Facebook)

Amazing and original concept done by passionate and friendly peoples. ”



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